Confidentiality agreement

At Imagitiel, we make a commitment to offer our customers and users the biggest confidentiality and the best security. We conform to all the directives of the industry and exercise a continuous surveillance on our methods of management and operation to maintain our reputation and our integrity at a high level. This is our promise made to all visitors of our site.

Nature of the taken information

Imagitiel is a site offering web hosting services, Web sites creation, software creation, computing advice. The information of our customers is collected by the following manners: when the client buy a web hosting account, when they contact our staff of technical support, when he contact our consultation services, or creation services by going at our office or by meeting us at our staff. If the information is taken by our Web site, we ask for your name and for your address e-mail. If the customer come at our office, we take his name, e-mail, address and phone number.

Use of the taken informations

The information is taken by Imagitiel and are the unique property of Imagitiel.

Person to contact

If a visitor agrees to by a web hosting account, to call our offices or to come personally at our offices to deal with us, we consider to have received the permission to contact the applicant by e-mail, by mail or by telephone concerning the taken information directly with the information that the client will have given.


Cookies are used only to verify user's identifiers and passwords. The e-mail address of a user is automatically identified when he return to our site without him having to supply his information again. This also serves to save the preferences of the users and finally to offer them the best service by answering all their needs. The information such as the IP address, the identification of sessions, the user domains, the type of Internet browser, the Web site domains are only taken and used for purposes of counting of traffic and analysis of the trends.


To assure the security as well as the protection of the taken information, all our employees knows our practices and policies concerning security, which are regularly revised. The access of the information is limited and can be obtained only by means of username and passwords. Any loss, hostile use or altération of the information is prohibited and can be the object of appropriate measures and the dismissal of the employee in fault. Here is the promise of security to our customers, affiliated members and owner users.


The "deactivation" makes reference to the process by which the personal information, when the request is made, is deleted. Given the safety recording of data and the recordings of cancellation, it can be impossible to delete completely the informations of a user without any residual information remaining. Every person demanding the deactivation of its personal information will have these information deleted in a functional way. We shall not make commerce with the transfer or the use of the information related with a user having made a request of deletion in any way. To deactivate your account, please send us an e-mail at the following address:

Correction and update of the information

The personal information taken by Imagitiel can be corrected or updated by various manners. All the information must be updated by contacting the staff of Imagitiel by e-mail, by telephone, by mail or by changing it in your personnal account. All the changes can be sent to Imagitiel by e-mail at the following address: It is also possible for you to contact us in writing at the following mail address:

Imagitiel inc.
3535 avenue Papineau app. 1513
Montréal (Québec) H2K 4J9

Notice of change

In the eventuality where changes would be brought to the practices of confidentiality of Imagitiel, all the clients of Imagitiel will be contacted by e-mail at the e-mail address appearing in our files.

Address and phone number

Imagitiel is in compliance with theinternet laws and directives. We invite you to send us your questions concerning the taken information and cookies, the products, the methods and the practices of the company. For any question, correction or any comment concerning the personal information taken in by Imagitiel, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at the following address: or to send us your request by mail at the address mentioned above or to phone us in our offices.